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Aeroflex USA has been manufacturing Aerocel closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation in Sweetwater, Tennessee, since 2003, but their innovative history begins nearly 50 years ago and half a world away when the world's largest polymer experts applied new EPDM (Ethylene Proplylene Diene Monomer) synthetic rubber technology to the manufacturer of closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation.

It was a pivotal moment for the HVAC, refrigeration, and plumbing industries because this new formula gave way to a longer-lasting, high-performance, closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation. Over the next few decades, their founder and EO, Dr. Pawat Vitoorapakorn, developed the processes, infustructure, and world-class R&D facilities that would make Aerocel a leading worldwide brand of closed-cell insulation.


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