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D & D West was started in 1987 by Brian Demerest. Brian is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War who returned from battle like many, with a need to start a new life. Brian worked with a major west coast wholesaler and climbed the ranks, eventually starting his own rep agency. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his customers paid off over the next decade and he eventually became a legend on the west coast. In 1997, George Kief joined the company and in 2000, Tyson Weaver. The 2000's were an excellent growth phase for the company, now coined "Western Component Sales". In 2010, George Kief, Tyson Weaver and Corey Smith (formerly of Emerson/Copeland and Johnson Controls), purchased Brian's shares of the business and created the business as it sits today. 

The biographies of each partner and salesperson are shown in the "Our Staff" section. Our agency strategically covers the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska.

There are a total of 9 salesmen and 2 marketing and customer service specialists. We continue to pour our resources into quality salespeople and a support staff that our customers embrace. We can be described as self-motivated, ambitious, and dedicated in our pursuit of growing market share for our manufacturers. Integrity is required for our personnel in every aspect of the way we operate our business. We enjoy many personal relationships with our customers, contractors and manufacturers, and our reputation is second to none. When we commit to represent a product line, the manufacturer can be assured of our devotion and that our success will be imminent.

Mission Statement

“To provide our wholesalers with a complimentary variety of HVAC and Refrigeration products that are competitively priced, and offer the highest quality of service and support, while maintaining complete integrity within every transaction.”


We have built a team that knows their responsibilities and how to grow their territory. We manage with a family-business mentality and allow them the freedom to be creative and achieve success in their own markets. We encourage interaction between salesmen to determine what might work in the future and what hasn’t worked in the past.



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